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Small Gas Engines

Plans, Castings and Accessorie

     is our hobby

I am an old retired (4 times) guy, married to Margaret (53 years). When I worked for a living, I worked as an Electrical Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, Control Systems Engineer and as a consultant in all 3 disciplines.

We are both 4th generation Floridians and live in Ruskin, a small town South of Tampa.

My enjoyment of the hobby comes from designing Small Gas Engines, making the patterns and molds, casting the Aluminum and machining the engine. Most of the time, I make the castings and drawings available to fellow builders. I also design and make available, accessories for my engines, such as radiators, mounting rails, flywheels, sparkplugs and sparkplug wires.

As Founder of the Florida Association of Model Engineers, I invite you to join our group of builders and collectors. Much information, building tips, help and photo's of completed engines and engines under construction are presented. A fellow builder may be just across town from you. To become a FAME website member, just click on this address.

Contact us by phone, at any reasonable hour at:  813-645-8322.
By e-mail at: Or by postal mail at:

Margaret Shores
108 Carmelina St
Ruskin, FL 33570























The most significant contribution I have made to the small gas engine hobby was to publish this book in 1997. The book is very popular with small, and large, gas engine builders and collectors. The book was written to correct many misconceptions concerning ignition coils and magnetos and to provide working information to design, build, apply and troubleshoot ignition systems.

The book also provides information to build miniature ignition coils, magnetos and a coil winder. It is a 281 page, library quality hardback with gold lettering containing 116 drawings and illustrations. The book is written in layman's terms. Technical terms and "buzz words" are avoided for easy understanding.

Twenty one chapters include:
Electricity - Magnets - The magnetis circuit - Inductors - Laminations - Condensers - Wire - How they work - Breaker contacts - Magnetos - Coil winder construction - Details to construct three miniature coils - Constructing the Wico EK in half scale - Glossary - Formulae - Wire tables and more.

The current price of the book is $35.00 (soft cover), shipped postpaid anywhere inside the USA by Priority Mail. Contact at to enquire for shipping out of USA. See the INFO page for ordering help.

For those living outside the USA, the book can also be purchased from:

Plough Book Sales
P. O. Box 14
Belmont,  Victoria
3216  Australia